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Finally I got the iPhone 3G from the Apple Store at Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They activated my new iPhone with my phone number, 5 minute job at the store. Now I have a classic iPhone to give to my wife. However AT&T nor Apple will let you know the steps, don’t they want more accounts? AT&T won’t have a clue; Apple will give you some guidance of the best way to do it.


1.       Make sure the classic iPhone is backup, so when you connect the new iPhone 3G to your iTunes will restore all your data, that may take around 30 minutes.

2.       You need to go to a AT&T store and ask for a new SIMM card for your classic iPhone, the SIMM card right now belives is activated without any service.

3.       Then you can connect the classic iPhone to your iTunes and you’ll need to create another line for that phone in your account. You won’t be able to create a Family Plan at that time, however if you call AT&T to do the help you, they don’t have a clue about iPhone activation.

4.       Just create a new line and then you can go online and convert your lines to Family Plan using wireless.att.com


Those steps are not that simple, the iTunes phone transfer now if not just adding your cell phone number any more, you’ll have to find your account numbers and social security number.


Still stuck calling AT&T to convert my account to Family Plan, they website is giving me an error, I know that can be done, but AT&T is closed on Sundays.



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