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Rob Howard  posted the news on his blog:




I have been waiting for this release, this is exciting news. While we were waiting for this news, Microsoft release the news they are working on a Community Server product.




Can now Microsoft write an application as good as CS 2007? Telligent has a few more years experience on that sector than Microsoft. But who has more programming hours available? Nobody at Telligent has said anything yet about what’s going to happen with all the websites hosted by Microsoft using Community Server?


Again, so people don't send me "fan email", when I talk about Microsoft going against one of their MS alumni, is my opinion, I do not know the inside information, Telligent nor Microsoft have any release claiming otherwise. So if Google comes out with an OS, do you think they'll be in competition with Microsoft? In this case, I believe the situation is quite the same.


I believe that Telligent had a great idea in moving to other markets like CRMs. Competition is good for the consumer not the company providing the solution.




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