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Graffiti just cam out Telligent sent an email to people that registered for news about Graffiti to invite them to download the Beta version. The email says that is a private release of the beta, however looks like anybody that goes to the website will be able to download it.

Not to worry as the beta expiries on March 1st 2008. So something tells me Telligent, the company the released the popular Community Server, will be releasing Graffiti before that date.

The product is named as a CMS tool, so does not compete with their start product Community Server, however they provide a blog template with a great API. Looks like WordPress needs to look these new product closely. I do not see Graffiti in any other place besides blogging at this time. Maybe a replacement for a wikipedia? I could not find a good description from Telligent about "what is Graffiti" and where is its place in the market. Sounds to me that they are avoiding that topic.

Now I am looking for a tool that would be able to move my blog from CS to Graffiti so I can start testing it. I was in the impression that functionality was going to be build on Graffiti as well as a way to communicate with Community Server.

Then again, anything coming out from the makers of Community Server is going to be a great tool. Worth to check it out.



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