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Rob Howard CEO of Telligent shared a wonderful post http://weblogs.asp.net/rhoward/archive/2006/09/01/Build-it-quickly_2C00_-use-it-as-soon-as-possible_2C00_-and-make-it-simple.aspx that puts into focus a great problem in many companies. When starting a new project, we spend too long designing it as extensible as we can. We add as many features as we can. Why is that? Rob believes is because we did not actually bother to write the complete requirements. I agree up to the  point that when the customer comes back with something new, or another customer gets interested in the project, you need to be able to implement quickly the new features without having to re-design parts of it. In other words, I do believe that thinking about the future of the project or the normal unexpected issues is wise and recommended.


I’m sure Rob will agree with it, if not, I prefer to look at my process again, as Rob has proven to the community that he can take a forums engine in beta and create an extremely fast growing company. I have been using Rob’s products for more than 3 years, when they were free J. I’m looking forward to see the new CRM Telligent is coming out with. I was in that market for a few years, want to see how they approached to that specific software.




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