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I configured my first web farm. I added as many IIS servers as I could. Now I have been looking the best way to keep the session states as fast as I can. Out of the box Microsoft provides this Session States:

 - InProc: Memory of the local computer, fast yet not persistent

- StateServer and SQLServer are for web farms, however you need to modify your machine.config or web.config in order to make them work in a web farm enviorement. I used this article to do so:



Now, my thought was, did anybody improved over this? So you can scale better with web farms? I look on the web and this is want I found:


So $1,500 for 2 servers up to $49,995 for 64! Are they crazy? What about more than 64 computers?

Anyway, so I started writing my own Windows Service to store Sessions. Any tips or recommendations are welcome, very welcome. Please keep an eye into this blog, I'll be releasing my State Server very soon.


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