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Love receiving the emails from other MVPs with the subject line, "are you going to the MVP summit?"  There are many people that need to decide to go or not depending of how many people goes? The decision should be easy. That week up in Seattle is going to give us all the opportunity to  ask the technical questions that nobody has answer yet as well as go to all the sessions Microsoft prepare to teach what's coming up and what to get ready for.

I'm looking forward to meet other MVP as well as the team that wrote ASP.NET, Silverlight, C#, Virtual Earth and the CLR. Got many questions for them. Would be nice, but I don't think possible to be able to talk for a few minutes with the guy that manages all those teams, Scott Guthrie.

Last year Bill Gates spoke to the MVPs.

Let me know if you are coming.

The MVP Global Summit date has already been announced as April 14th through the 17th.



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