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What about changing how cell phones communicate with each other? What about moving away from GSM and CDMA and just use your Wi-Fi or data connection like 3G or 4G to make Voice Over the Internet calls?

The Google phone with Android OS is coming out, their name it Nexus One, guess will also be Nexus Two some day. A few rumors are running around the Internet about the usability of the device itself. Google has been trying to push Google Voice to other devices, the way to use a phone better then any existing platform out there; now, with the release of Nexus One, they may have an advantage to just let you buy a phone without any affiliation to any carrier. What means for you? Probably a very expensive device ‘cos you don’t need a contract, yet means to be able to select your carrier.

Now what plan does it require? If Google can get away with it, you’ll only need a data plan, no need for any minutes, the phone will use your data plan to make and receive phone calls. Are we too early for something like that? I personally think so, carriers make their money in the minutes, not much on a flat data plan.

Is this the way to lower you monthly cell phone charge? And the best question of all for iPhone users stuck with AT&T. Is now finally Apple will see that they need to unlock the iPhone with other carriers?

Without any doubt the Google Nexus One, can be a game changer for all  in the market, now. Where in the market the Apple Table “iSlate coming out with 3G fits? New Amazon Kindle or a really big iPhone? Can I share my 3G from my iPhone with my Apple Table?

Those 2 devices will be a topic of conversation for many of us on 2010. Like the iPhone will start seeing them around, and like the iPhone the price will also mark the acceptance of those.

How much will you pay for the Google Nexus One? What about the Apple Table?



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