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Finally this weekend I had the time to start looking at Graffiti 1.3 that Telligent decided to open source it for the world to enjoy and contribute. Before that I was looking to move to WordPress.com not the php add from Wordpress.org that you can download. The commercial application its a very complete blog application, yet can get very expensive for me. After looking into all the options, I believe that I should stick with Telligent, as Community Server was my first hosted blog engine and Graffiti CMS without any doubt the most customizable one out there so far.

So I downloaded Graffiti CMS 1.3. You can find the open source blog here to download contribute and help. I compiled it, check the source code and upgraded my old Graffiti 1.2, no many changes at all since the previous version. You’ll find in the Site Option and new configuration tab.


Version 1.3 is backwards compatible with the database structure from 1.2, something good that you don’t need to upgrade the database schema.

There are a few things to keep in consideration when upgrading, is not as straight forward and things you need to make sure.

  1. Back up the previous version as you going to need a few directories.
  2. After backing up, delete the whole structure from Graffiti version 1.2
  3. Make the changes on the web.config for you existing connection string and compile the whole solution.
  4. Publish ALL files to a directory and ftp them to the root directory.
  5. Copy the files directory to the deployment.
  6. Important, if you have IIS 7 you are set, however if not you need to go to the admin –>Site Options –> Configuration –> Generate Folders for Posts/Categories/Tags (Legacy) and check the box, save the changes.
    1. If you have check the box, you’ll need to copy the directories for your content plus the feed directory.
  7. Everything should be working fine.

In my opinion Graffiti CMS is one of the best blog engines out there, now that is open source the future is not very clear, if many people get involved in improving and adding new feature, Graffiti CMS has a great future, otherwise I don’t see it making it this year and becoming another dead project in Codeplex.com. I haven’t seen much activity since Telligent decided to open it. Now the future will tell. I’ll be still running Graffiti CMS for a few reasons, the main one, is I can change anything that does not work, or add functionality I would like.

If you want to get involved this is how, download the source code and start looking at what could be improved. My modest suggestions or things that should be done to Graffiti CMS

  • Add a option to detect mobile phones and the iPhone to show the blog better, a theme option for mobile devices like WordPress.com
  • Better reporting
  • More Themes
  • Twitter sync for retweet button
  • Improve the performance.
  • Silverlight widgets.

One more thing. You may get an erorr using Live Writer if you do not delete the previous version of the bin directory before uploading 1.3

Method not found: 'System.String Graffiti.Core.SiteSettings.get_ProxyHost()'.

Also if you get a 404 when trying to access one of the post, is because you forgot task 6 above. Make sure that if you are running IIS 6 to have that option enable.

Hope this helps, looking for any other suggestions.



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