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Because you are a geek, does not mean your carbon footprint is allowed to be bigger than other people. You should be smarter by selecting the technology that saves you money as well as is friendly to the planet. This is my modest recommendation to you.

A few tips to become a green geek.

  • Rechargeable batteries: Instead of keep purchasing disposable batteries, start buying rechargeable batteries, find a place in the garage or the house to add 2 boxes mark them with recharged and To Recharge and then purchase a battery recharge station that can recharge any kind of battery. With time will save you lots of money as well as you won’t have to dispose your batteries.
  • Buy an eReader: Ok let’s save the trees and space in your house and buy the bloody Amazon Kindle or your favorite eReader. I would personally wait to see what is going to happen with the Apple Tablet coming up on January 26, it might be a tablet and a eReader for all we know. Yet, stop purchasing those big books with yellow pages and save a tree or two. The future of books is in an electronic format,  jump in the wagon sooner than later and the price of the books will come down as well.
  • Get rid of all your printers and get a wireless network printer for the house:  You might think you need all the printers, one for the office, one for the kids to print the homework and then the photo printer. Just replace all that for one wireless network printer for all computers in the house, the photo printer needs to go, you know is actually cheaper to send your pictures to Costco, so you better off by unplugging it. More and more, people realize that you don’t need to print every email that comes in for reading it later. I found myself working almost paperless.
  • Portable solar phone recharger: One of the best purchases I made, was my portable solar charger for the iPhone, now I can charge it almost anywhere. Hopefully solar power will become more powerful to be able to even charge you laptop, I have always wondered why nobody ever added a solar panel on the laptops back?
  • Energy smart light bubs: A given, you should not need a reason to buy those instead of regular light bubs, I’m not saying that you should replace all light bubs in your home right now, just when you need to replace, use the new ones. Enough said.
  • Buy a NetBook: This one is actually pretty important, if you are a developer, you got your laptop and you should also carry a Netbook, most of the time you should be using only your netbook for emails, browser, twitter, blogging, etc … Only when you need to develop or when you have to work in something where the big computer is needed, the big laptop comes out. Your laptop’s life will be longer by just carrying an extra 3 pounds.

Well this is my list, I’m sure I’m forgetting many there.Do you have a recommendation you would like to share?



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