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Soon the .NET 4 final release will be here with Visual Studio 2010 to be the application you’ll be using 80% of your time at work. The date hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft. As a developer this is your new homework, learning the new version of .NET if you are a .NET developer is a must, who do you know that got stuck on .NET 1.1?

This one is a major release from Microsoft, not like the .NET 3.0 and 3.5. If we are talking about ASP.NET IIS will be running applications in 2.0 and 4.0 in the same computer. The major new feature in my modest opinion is parallel processing.

In the new list I would like to feature can be found at wikipedia that keeps track of those changes, no point for me to relisted here.

Hopefully this post for the 2 readers I have is a heads up to invest some time to learn this new and very exciting release from Microsoft.

Where to learn?

Best place I found is “as always” Scott’s Guthrie’s blog that spent his time creating videos to explain each feature and how to use it. Please start here, Mr. Guthrie’s blog is always great when new technologies from Microsoft are coming up.





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