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Many experts came out after the announcement disappointed by the iPad, after the big hype is understandable. Yet why Apple wants to follow a different formula that got them so successful? I went online to find a tool, now with a little browser you can really do lots of work. I used Google Trends to find out what people are looking for and interested. If you look at the graph below, the huge spike is people looking online or posting online information about the iPad. Compared to other devices, no other gadget had that spike until the Apple Tablet came to the announcement and stay up after as well.   

Blue : iPhone

Green BlackBerry

Yellow: Android

Red: iPad

Google Trend


For January only view to really see the spike.


The huge jump means how many people were looking the the device in January, even after the announcement.

The people has spoken, they are fascinated by the iPad, I’m expecting a huge amount of people lining up on Apple Stores to get those fresh devices of the shelves. Does people searching for that means curiosity? What other device ever had that curiosity on the web?



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