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Finally this weekend I had time to work in the Map Stats to bring it to an useful tool.  It was overdue in a face lift.

MapStats is a simple script that when added to your website or blog, provides you with a Silverlight Map Control with the status and location of the people hitting your website by time.

I used ESRI technology and base maps. You can download the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF version 1.1 here.



  • Changed the map to Web Mercator Auxiliary 102100 to consume a great ArcGIS Online map
  • Added better symbology with a color ramp and animation
  • Added a slider when open full screen to see different times.
  • Upgraded to ESRI SDK for Silverlight 1.1.
  • Added a legend.


With the slider you can see the history of the requests, by default shows you all request of the last 3 days.

How to add MapStats to your website?

Just add the script below to your website you can change the Width and Height to fit anywhere in your website.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://mapstats.net/Stats.ashx?Width=300&Height=200"></script>


You’ll be able to see the map and will start gathering information of the users hitting your page, by IP address will find the location and show them on the map.

How do I check the top websites with the Map installed?

You can check the website MapStats.NET for the number or geocoded IPs collected on your website.

If you press the button to see the Full Screen you then can interact with the map and see the tooltips as well as the legend. Being able to see the history of the requests to your website is very useful by just sliding the bar. If you want to see it running, just look to your right and down as you read this post, you’ll find the map, click the button to open it full screen and browse around.

Ok, I need ideas and feedback of where to go from here.



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