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Finally Apple decided to add multitasking to the iPhone to compete with all the new devices coming up and existing.

At an Apple press event, CEO Steve Jobs announces multitasking support in the newest iPhone operating system. Users will finally be able to switch back and forth between applications like Pandora and Skype without having to shut down the app entirely to enter a new one.

Their excuse to not bringing multitasking until now is they were waiting to make multitasking right.

New features on the iPhone 4.0 are:

  • Multitasking with background services
    • Audio
    • VoIP
    • Location (GPS, Cell location)
    • Push Notification.
    • Local notification.
    • Task completion.
  • Folders to organize your apps better with side to side and now with folders in and out.
  • Email improvements
    • One Inbox for all your mail, if you don’t like that like me, you still can access individual mail accounts
    • Theard mail like Gmail for all your accounts.
    • Attachments for third-aprty apps.
  • iBooks like the iPad.
  • Bluetooth keyboard support.

3G and 3GS iPhone will be able to upgrade to OS 4.0. However my biggest fear is that will make the 3G iPhone a horrible experience. Already iPhone 3G owners are complaining about the slow experience of the iPhone 3G with OS 3.0, that OS was created for the iPhone 3GS that is much faster, the iPhone OS 4.0 was created for the iPad that has twice the memory and better CPU.

My recommendation to iPhone 3G users is to do not upgrade to 4.0. We should also expect to see new hardware for the iPhone coming up this summer with the release to support the OS 4.0.

A summer release, yet the iPhone OS 4.0 specific date of release hasn’t been confirm.

Video of the event can be found here:




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