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I was lucky enough to got invited to join Carl and Richard on their road trip from Redlands to Phoenix. You can be the lucky one on their next stop.


What an experience to share 5 hours on a RV with them, there isn’t anywhere to hide in a RV, they pretty much gracefully answered all my questions. No many times you are given the chance to borrow brilliant minds.

I can listen to them all day long talking about technology and what the industry changes during the year, I enjoyed the laid down from Richard Campbell of the evolution of software development in the past few years. As I listen I can see how they have been observing technologies from the side lines and how they keep evolving every year to follow the trend. A hard job I might say, yet, they seem to love every second of it.

Can’t thank them enough for letting me part of their road trip without leaving me, after lunch, in Blythe. Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin are not just hysterical to listen, as well they are one of the nicest people I meet “on the road”.

You can follow their road trip here with information about their next events as well as the real time map Silverlight application to find where they are now.



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