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wood_laptop(1)[1] I have been collecting a poll to almost any developer I find on my way as well as business owners. I have been looking to see what a small development shop, medium size company and a big corporate considers when providing development computers to their software developers. This has being very intriguing to me. In my career I found different software developers, the ones that work always with one product and one framework, as well as the one that keeps a few frameworks and projects. Of course there are many other developers that configure their computers every 3 months.

The poll I am collecting, is what kind of computer and how much will you spend for your developers? There are already a few answers that I have been collecting from different people, software engineers, business owners and managers. I’ll be collecting as many opinions as I can, if you think about it, computers are a huge expense as bigger the company is, yet having the developer waiting to open application or to debug is also a big performance issue in the overall of the project. This is not an easy answer, you can provide a developer with the best machine that money can buy at that moment to make sure they’ll never be idle, and depending on the developer salary, that can also be a horrible or a great idea.

Is then the machine the developer receives from the company in comparison to their salary? Is there a formula?

If a developer spends 5 % idle during the day due to their development computer. Do you provide the 5 % of the developer salary? Is it that easy?

Machine $ = (developer salary * 0.05)

What about if the developer is 20 % of the time idle because their computer is really old, then a 20 % of their salary will be a very expensive machine? Will that resolve the 20 % idle?

I’ve receive an opinion from a developer telling me that the company should provide a computer, to the developer, bigger than what they need, so they never need to worry in running into those problems, is that monetary effective? Is that an overkill and a waste of money?

Other opinions from a business owner, was, provide developers a machine that is in the market right now for developers. That person gave me the specs of computers that is purchasing it right now after his research: 8 GB RAM, 4 Cores, SSD 60 GB Hard Disk for OS and 320 normal HD for program.

Amazing enough looks like many people are looking at this problem with different eyes, I got a great email once from a friend that provide me with the answer I disagreed until he explain that technology changes to fast, purchasing older systems allows corporate to handle their budgets as well as get huge deals, that means they are always ready to buy more machines without having to constantly replace parts, they stay on the well known old systems that are fully supported, helping other companies get rid of their old inventory. Sounds to me as a great symbiotic system that benefits even the developer that gets a new machine frequently.

Because all the opinions state above, my mind is not set, nor I think there is an easy answer to that one, would like to find out what is your companies policy in this one and how it works for you.



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