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As Graffiti CMS is being rewritten as I write this at codeplex as an open source project to bring it to Graffiti CMS 2.0, some of the themes created for Graffiti are old and the newest ones cannot be found. If you go to http://extendgraffiti.com/ you may find some of the themes, yet not a way to download them. I have kept a few themes that include avatar images per user as well as RSS and ATOM feed icons. This 3 below include everything you may want in a blog. As you can see, I changed my blog to go back to the Skittish Theme that I learn to love. Please feel free to download any of this themes and let me know if you make any good modifications on those.


Skittlish_med[1] Download Skittish Theme

UserGroup_med[1] Download User Group Theme

FreshG_med[1] Download Green Bug

Other themes to download I found on crazeegeekchick http://crazeegeekchick.com/graffiti-cms/free-themes/


Green Bug
Field of Sand

Download this theme                              Download this theme

Sleepy Blue
Red Theme

Download this theme                            Download this theme

Ginsing Coffee

Download this theme                                   Download this theme


I’d like to update this post as I find many other themes

To install a theme, just ftp the unzip folder to your server under files/themes.


Hope this helps

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