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This is a bitter sweet post, after so many years first with Community Server since 2.1 and then moving to Graffiti CMS 1.1, 1.2 and finally to the 1.3 version I made the decision to leave something that I know well and I enjoy. I have left to find a blog that fits my needs. You can see my thread here of moving blogs over the years. I started blogging in 2005, those days I was playing with code instead of just posting to the web, in 2006 my first tech post was created using Community Server 2.1. 4 years later and this is the biggest change of all.

My main reason to make the move is I could not wait any longer. Blogging has changed during the years and WordPress has without any doubt raise above the rest as the cleanest and most expected look and feel for a blog, in order to use WordPress I would have to use a hoster than runs PHP and for me to move away from C#, something I really didn’t want to do. Another option is to find a theme like the one use in WP or create one for Graffiti CMS, yet I could not find the time to do it myself. So I went back to review all the blog engines and to find the one with the WP theme. SubText the port from Phil Haack from the .Text has the theme I like as well as all the features I need.

I have review almost all the blogs created in C# and that are open source, from Project Orchard to BlogEngine.NET and I found the SubText, even a little out of date is without any doubt the one that I like the most, maybe because the guy that created .Text Scott Watermasysk is the person that help creating Community Server, so I feel I’m not moving that far from the first blog post really.

Yet I found that SubText mobile theme does cannot detect the iPhone, yet BlogEngine.NET can, a big percentage of my traffic come from mobile users, and I do want to make them very happy. So finally after configuring both and having both live for 2 days each I decided to leave BlogEngine.NET on for a month at least.

The past 2 years I realized that Blogs have become the extensions of social media, when before they were the center, more interaction in social media, people do not subscribe to blogs are before, they subscribe to users on the social media sites and click the links to read an extended version of their tweets. I have seen my subscribers being a little stale, yet the direct links being the bigger source of my reader. With SubText 2.1.2  and BlogEngine.NET I’ll try to fuse my social media and blog into one, making my blog more dynamic yet still a source of code repository and random thoughts. As I said before and I would like to say it again, users are now more than ever expecting a look and feel in a blog, a way to support their mobile device for easy reading, hopefully with a little time, I’ll be able to convert to do just that, a better looking blog that matches the ones out there.

How to migrate Graffiti CMS to SubText?

Downloaded Subtext 2.1.2 app and added into my hoster, not the cloud as many like to think.

Run the fast installation against a new database and created for me the schema for SubText.

Configured with the Word Press theme.

I just downloaded this great app from DarkFalz a great Microsoft MVP at and exported the Graffiti CMS feed to BlogML, then tried to imported SubText 2.1.2. This is what all my problems started, just because some links were making SubText a little unhappy. I fix the line of code:

   1: blogML.AppendFormat("<user-url><![CDATA[{0}]]></user-url>{1}",
   2:      c.WebSite, Environment.NewLine);

The only problem

For some reason, the posts for 2007 and 2006 where added in March 2009, I think that’s the time I migrated from CS or Graffiti, I think I lost my correct dates for those posts, yet I got the post, this is making me happy. In any case looks like I blogged 426 times in March 2009 :-0

Also the Mobile Theme does not detect the iPhone Safari browser, so does not show me a nice mobile theme as WordPress does, I’ll have to look around for a different mobile theme.

How to Migrate to BlogEngine.NET?

I used the same BlogML file and using their desktop app that gets downloaded from the website, transfers all the posts.

The only problem

The migration application does not give me feedback when is working, I had to wait 30 minutes to see if it really worked and finally gave me a successful message.



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