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Twitter is a very useful tool as a parent, this year I have been travelling a lot and I found a few online tools easy to communicate with my kids, Tiny Chat and Twitter are a must, yet security is a huge concern for me or any parent.

My 7 years old daughter love writing, for her to practice writing and send me messages while I travel, we use twitter, is also a way for me to send funny pictures and open a conversation with her, now she is using her protected timeline as her daily 140 character diary.

The step I followed to let my 7 year old use Twitter

When setting up their account, make sure you go to the profile and enable the Tweet Privacy, when the check box is enable, nobody can see those tweets besides the followers.


Using Tweet Deck and removing all columns besides the reply and direct message.


I used one of my email addresses so nobody can request to friend her without my accepting, only my wife and I are her friends and can communicate with her for now.

My daughter in the past year has learn how to manage a computer, from turning on and off to navigate the application and use some, of course she is a ninja in the browser to go to her favorite websites.

Every kid should learn how to use a computer and Smartphone. What are your thoughts in that one?



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