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Silverlight in Action by Pete Brown covering Silverlight 4, ViewModel/MVVM, WCF RIA Services, MEF and more is coming out in a few days, I have read many parts of this book, I believe that if you want to learn Silverlight or you want to go deep in any subject of Silverlight 4, this is the book to read.

All chapters have great detail of why and how Silverlight internally working and when you finish the book, you’ll understand inside and out how Silverlight works as well as how can you apply it better to your work.

The samples are simple, yet exciting as well as every code line is comment and explain. Without any doubt Pete did a great job writing this book and thinking about all those Silverlight developers to be and the developer that wants to improve or understand better how it works under the hood.

Its a revised edition of Silverlight 2 in Action by Chad Campbell and John Stockton.

Order the book here.


The table of content for your reference:

1. Introducing Silverlight 
2. Core XAML 
3. The application model and the plug-In -
4. Integrating with the browser - 
5. Integrating with the desktop - 
6. Rendering, layout and transforming - 
7. Panels - 
8. Human input - 
9. Text -
10. Controls and UserControls -
11. Binding -
12. Data controls: The Datagrid Dataform -
13. Input validation -
14. Networking and communications -
15. Navigation and dialogs -
16. Structuring and testing with MVVM/ ViewModel pattern -
17. WCF RIA services -
18. Graphics and effects -
19. Printing -
20. Displaying and capturing media -
21. Working with Bitmap images -
22. Animation and behaviors -
23. Resources, styles and control templates -
24. Creating panels and controls -
25. The install experiences and pre-loaders -
Appendix A: Database, connection and data model setup -


About Pete Brown from his blog:

Pete Brown is a Developer Division Community Program Manager at Microsoft, focusing on helping developers create great Windows Client and Silverlight applications. Pete speaks locally in the mid-atlantic US, as well as internationally, and creates content for windowsclient.net, MSDN, and, of course, here. Oh, and Pete adores his C64. :)

You can follow him in Twitter @pete_brown

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