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Introducing Visual Studio 2010 was a great step forward for Microsoft, introducing the out of band releases make us all dynamic as well as disconnected from everybody else in our team. Now when somebody can install Visual Studio 2010 SP1 may not have the same tool that me that already installed Visual Studio 2010 SP1 KB983509. Or better yet, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Tools for ASP.NET Web Pages.


Ah! what is all this? I feel like  when I set up a new development computer I need to spend one day making sure I have the latest and refreshes of the latest. I do believe is getting out of hand. When I work in a team the whole team needs to have the same versions of everything in order to compile. In that case we created a road map for installation and then out of the blue, Microsoft will “refresh” one of those tools!

The Web Platform Installer 3.0 is a great tool in order to make sure you got the latest MVC 3 and then the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update release at the Mix, yet I feel we need a way in Visual Studio to call that and will let us know if there is an update that we should install.

Now I want to use await, I need the Visual Studio Async CTP that will work now with SP1. Confused?


This is getting out of hand and adding more tooling is not the answer for developers to stay up to date, instead integrating into Visual Studio should be the way to go. Anybody with me?



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