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With Visual Studio coming out with out of band updates, Service Packs, platform support and Web Standards Updates including support for HTML 5 and CSS3 is really hard to keep your development machine up to date. Now when NuGet and other tools can be installed on your IDE we just find it more complicated.

There are ways to keep developers for having to fetch each update, there is a magic button of love on the web that will update all the needed items in VS2010. That button is mislabeled in my modest opinion, and hopefully that button will be called “The Magic Button of Love” if Microsoft is listening. Right now says “Install Visual Studio Express” and that’s kind of correct, yet if you have VS2010 already, will just install SP1 with all updates.

So, keep your development current by clicking at it:


Magic button that installs everything can be found here: http://www.asp.net/mvc

The HTML 5 and CSS3 Support for Visual Studio 2010 (aka Web Standards Update)


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