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Keep having this problem when compiling COM in 32 bits applications that target .NET 4. This is the article that takes care of the issue and you’ll have to run it in each machine

1. Close all instances of Visual Studio.
2. From the Visual Studio Tools subfolder, open an elevated “Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)” (using “Run as administrator” option). Change directory to "<system_drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v<x.xx>\bin\”.
3. Issue the command :

corflags /32bit+ ResGen.exe /force

4. Open <project_name>.csproj in notepad.
5. Add the following property <ResGenToolArchitecture>Managed32Bit</ResGenToolArchitecture> under the PropertyGroup section. Save and close the csproj file.

More info here



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