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A few notes I have been gathering from DevConnections this year.

Main attraction to me is to see what Scott Guthrie is interested on. I like that he introduces the hold presentation before turning into the slides. This time everything is about the Microsoft Cloud; Azure.

The cloud save money? What about for development and research that is not expecting to have users for a long time? Mr Guthrie didn’t tell us how can developers start testing Azure without adding a credit card on the profile.

You can start to create a Azure app by just creating an MVC 3 app. Then add Windows Azure Deployment project that creates a new project that will take care of all your Azure options without changing your MVC app. Great to port existing Web Apps to Azure, this are great news, when there are so many projects that start like a web application and when you are ready to deploy, you decide to go to the cloud instead of hosting it in a “classic” way.

Debugging for Azure creates 2 instances in your computer. I can see that Microsoft is providing all the tools for developers besides allowing it to run on the cloud for limited IPs for free.

Background roles to run without UI for processing data is everything we always need in a web application, the database to create reports, for example, always needed a background process. This is the way to do it in the cloud.

The publish process is easier and can be done in TFS as well to let the team keep building and testing without the overhead of deployment and configuration. A real agile approached here, I see a lot of companies adoption Azure for dynamic development.

Storage with Azure is for safe and massive amount of data with NOSQL, drag and drop files to the web. The presentation from Mr. Guthrie didn’t answer the question: Can it also work in SQL 2008 Compact files?



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