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So, it's the end of the year.And what have I  done?  My pet projects for 2011 was to learn Objective-C and the iOS SDK. I plan a few apps that will use different parts of the SDK and I stated creating those and submitting them to the app store. 

In the process, I have learned more than expected about the Apple App Store process, I was lucky to be contacted by Apple a few times to discuss my submissions, after the first time, I shamelessly targeted some apps to the issues that trigger the phone call from Apple. 

I have learned that I’m not good designing user interfaces for the mobile platform, even when Apple makes it simple with limited controls. Bad news for me is that biggest percentage of people look at the screen shots instead of reading the descriptions.   

4 apps were completely rejected from Apple, of course I use 1 of them to target different reactions from Apple. They didn’t disappoint as much as TSA when trying to smuggle a huge toothpaste at the airport. 

For the record, I was a little late submitting the flash light app to Apple after iOS came out. 

For all the applications I wrote, I created a website to keep track of them, some of them are in the 3rd version, others need a face lift still. 

You’ll find the complete list at http://sprinkleware.com 



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