Half Dome

If you don’t live with a purpose, there’s no point to the life you’ve been given. You’re on this Earth for a reason, and whether you know what that reason is or not, it’s there, it just needs some looking into. Hiking Half Dome was a family choice. In the beginning, we were planning it for fun and exercise and to test our hiking skills for future rendezvous, but in the end it meant more to us than we would have ever known. Why did we choose to initiate this hike? For no reason that presented itself immediately. We still don’t know what our purposes are– we haven’t lived long enough to discover them yet. But Half Dome–the beautiful rock with an amazing hike–has a purpose already. We found it to be helping other’s take a break from our buzzing world and to help them find out who they are. It may differ for every person, but in the end, every journey is something that makes you, more you; and that boils down to the very least: their purpose.

Minimalism is a concept many people overlook. It’s not something that arranges why you do or don’t have something or why you should or shouldn’t do something. It’s a concept based on the idea of loving things that treat you right and make you happy and leaving the things that don’t, regardless if it’s people or realistic objects. Why focus on negative things when they only complicate your life? There’s really no point and it’s only stressing and exhausting, so just toss it. Toss what you don’t need and don’t think about it.