Here it is, the most stressful part of life, everybody needs money. We gather money every month and we spend the same money as fast as we get it. There is a circle hard to break, society has been build so we feel pressure to buy items that we don’t really need but we just want. Most of the money goes to expenses of items we wanted that we need to pay for.

The work to get money always requires more money, it seems like the impossible mission. Living a life without money, well is maybe possible but hard. However, reducing your expenses to a minimum is without any doubt hard but very rewarding. The concept of listing all the expenses every month and then start seeing what all the money goes is an eye opening. Nothing more gratifying than removing expenses that you do not need.

The activity is call a budget, I don’t really like that word, I find that is to minimize your expense and put them in autopilot. Every month go over each one and ask yourself if you need it or you wanted, then if you needed, find a way to cut the expense to a minimal. After a few months or even years, you’ll be amazed the control you have over your fixed expenses.

Living a life with a purpose means as well to keep the money you make. More money saved means more choices for your future. Allows you to make better decisions.