A cleaner life without fuel

Living a life with intention and values does not mean living a life without anything. Loving outdoors means also loving the environment and try to avoid causing any harm or at least minimize any harm to the environment. Year of refueling a car with petrol makes you want to go completely electric using electricity from a clean source like solar or wind. Those because values eventually and goal to accomplish. Wanting to go fuel free, oil free and use a vehicle that is cleaner to the environment than a internal combustion engine car because quickly a difficult goal to get to.

Electric vehicles are not completely clean, batteries are not the best thing for the environment, yet they are better than using a car powered by fuel. Again minimize the harm to the environment as much as possible.

Trying for years to avoid driving anything that uses fuel is hard, the goal is not purchasing gasoline in those gas stations found in every street corner. Planning the move to a greener vehicle is not easy. But the rewards after are incredible.

Everything about gasoline is going against a life outdoors and green infrastructure, enjoying outdoors also means protecting it, finding renewable energy in the sun and the wind is living with purpose, even though is just easier to stop at a gas station and refuel.

Purchasing a vehicle with just electric battery can be scary as well, as is not as green and clean as we expect, yet, if you keep that car for as long as the vehicle can go and then recycle the battery, will be way cleaner than using gasoline. A company that understands about renewable energy is Tesla and their goals and values to remove ICE vehicles from the road seems to align to living a cleaner life.