My personal recipe

Those steps have worked for me, doesn’t mean that will work for you. I can only share what has been working for me and hope it works for other people.


  • Minimize your expenses, you don’t need the new gadget, take a month and don’t need to create a budget, just track all the expenses. After cut all expenses that are not bills or food. That’s your budget. Next month, go over your expenses and cut them all to the minimum.
  • Make one goal at the time, plan and adventure. Don’t create bucket lists or go over long lists of goals. Just work in one goal at the time.
  • Take time off and go outdoors, spend time in the wild and clear your head. Find beauty. Prepare your backpack with all your ultralight gear and set to your dreamed adventure.
  • Now that your head is clear and relax, start thinking of what makes you happy and what makes you stressed. Avoid chasing other people’s ideas of money, cars and houses. Sometimes, a van life and a destination is all you need.