Ultralight backpacking

I see ultralight backpacking the same that being a minimalist. I want to go through life with everything I need but without having to carry something heavy in my back. Ultralight backpacking just brings everything that you are going to need without the “just in case” items. The items you’ll need are more expensive but they have a purpose and are durable. They have an intention and they keep you alive.

Put that practice in your life, do you really need a car? So make sure you get a car that you have pay in cash. Do you need a sweater? Don’t need to buy a few, but a good quality one that will keep you warm and will last you forever. In all the items I purchase in my life, I make sure they are needed, I can use it forever and they are of a good quality.

At the same time, when I stopped using an object for more than 6 months, the object has to go, does not fill an empty space in my garage, my closet nor my life.

When my favorite and only pajamas broke, I make sure I fix them. When my jacket rips, I do take it to be fixed as well. Good quality items will last you longer and will allow you to avoid having replacements in the closet waiting. You can only wear one jacket at the time.

I personally have 7 t-shirts, 5 long pants and 2 short. No more to worry or use space. Helps me to know what I am going to wear that day and don’t have to think or worry about purchasing, shopping and expenses.

This is a map for the rest of the things you use. Furniture, car, accounts, house and garage.

Plan an ultralight backpack experience, select a destination, make a list of what items you need and go for a few days to clear your mind outdoors. Hope by the time you are back, you can read this again. Happy backpacking