I want to share my experience as I try to teach myself to minimize my life and enjoy with only the things in life that are important. Remove all the noise to live a simpler life. Living a nomadic life full of adventures and connecting with what’s important to you and you only.

I would recommend to start reading the blog, I have tried to organized all guides in sections with my personal recipe to live a purposely life.

Living a simple life outdoors in the wilderness. Explore and live with purpose. Minimize life and connect with people to a full life outdoors. Get rid of the noise around and physical objects while connecting with the world. Show children how to be in the wild. Above all, enjoy everyday you can outdoors.

Getting rid of everything you don’t really use and keep everything you need in a simple backpack you can carry with you is what makes most people free and happy. Going to the places they want to go with your tools in your back makes life have a purpose. Or at least, we live a purpose life.

Living in a static house in a random neighborhood is expensive and so limiting. Having a house on wheels that lets you wake up virtually anywhere you desire makes you feel free and adventurous.