Living a simple life is simple now with this new app. Minimize life and discover what items bring you joy and what can you let go. Get rid of the noise around you and physical objects while connection with the world.

A simple minimal stress free app will help you inventory your items and sort them by the ones that are useful to you and your life. Then everything else is for you to remove from your life.

How the app works. A Simple minimalist user interface will guide you to take pictures of your items, tell the app the last time you use that object and how much joy brings you or better the last time that brought you joy. By entering all that information, the app will select the next object that can go.

You should take a picture of every piece of clothes you have and add it into the list, you can track last time you used it to know what clothes you can get rid of.

The app can be found at the Apple App Store for free.